prasanna devadiga

17+ years of experience in digital communication, with a concentration on interactive advertising, websites, social media, digital content creation and mobile apps. Won several national and international awards.



When India Dared to Stare.

3Gold, 2Silver, Best in Show @MMA Smarties Awards 2018
1Silver @Big Bang Awards 2018,


Fevikwik Gel - Total Control
A little twist to a 30 second non-skippable ad.

Blue Elephant @ Kyoorius 2017, Gold @ Maddies 2017, Silver and bronze @ abby’s - 2017,
Bronze @Emvie 2017,

Rakhi with Fabelle
A unique gift to a unique sister

Saffola WHD - Time Targeted messaging
From a source of distraction to a source of inspiration

Gold @ IDMA 2017, 2 Silver @ abby’s 2017, Bronze @ DMA Asia Awards 2017

Godrej - Feel the Greens
FB live feature allowing users to take real time view of property

2 silver @ IDMA 2017, 1 Silver @ Digital Crest 2017

Godrej - Location Banner
Privileges are now ZERO Km away

Silver @ DMA 2017


Parachute Aromatherapy - Slowdown Zindagi
we devised the first banner that lets user destress & relax

Gold @ IAMAI, bronze at abby’s, bronze @ Emvies, Digital Crest 2016 and IDMA 2016

Choclairs - SayAaa
Say Aaa

2 bronze @ IDMA - 2016, bronze @ DMA India/Asia Awards 2016

Saffola Life #protectherheart
Inspire people to walk together to protect her heart

Bronze @ Digital Crest 2016,


The Fit Foodie
A platform to teache homemaker a healthy recipe.

Blue Elephant @ Kyoorius 2017, Silver @ Emvies 2015, Silver @ IDMA 2015, Bronze @ Digital Crest 2016

Saffola Life #protectherheart
Mark your attendance where it matters the most

Gold @ IDMA 2015, Silver & Bronze @ Digital Crest 2015

PABL #BringBackTheTouch

Gold @ IDMA 2015

Art Of Oiling
A online ecosystem of content to teach people Art of Oiling


The Dressing Room
An app to help man play stylist sitting right at home

Silver @ abby’s 2014

EPIC Twistories
Engaging youngster by taking a quirky take on History

Blue Elephant @ Kyoorius 2014

Pepsi - Music Abhi
India's first ever online on-demand LIVE webcert

Silver @ abby’s 2014

Pepsi - SHOT 60
24 hours to shoot. 60 second to show

Pepsi - IPL ka Boss
Pepsi's own version of IPL tournament for Fans


Survice 21dec
Stock essentials to survive 21 december

Pepsi - Oh Yes Abhi
Engaging youngster by taking a quirky take on History

A social media powered virtual race

bronze @ abby’s 2014
A website with immersive 3D experience
prasanna devadiga

A one-stop-shop for IPL buffs
prasanna devadiga

Twitter powered contest - what you would do for win all-new Jetta

Pave for the jetta
#anything4jetta interactive banner


Oscar Charades
A Facebook app with interactive YouTube video for Star Movies
prasanna devadiga


Jurong Bird Park
An immersive digital experience crafted for the bird park
prasanna devadiga

webby nomination - 2010, silver at DMA - 2010

Singapore Zoo
An immersive digital experience crafted for the zoo
prasanna devadiga

silver at IDMA - 2010, silver at DMA - 2010

Night Safari
An immersive digital experience crafted for the Wildlife
prasanna devadiga

Desktop orthopaedist
An immersive digital experience crafted for the Wildlife
prasanna devadiga

gold at IDMA - 2010, bronze at abby’s - 2010


A story telling e-mailer for AIDS awareness
prasanna devadiga

webby winner -2009, the one show merit finalist - 2009, bronze at abby’s - 2009

Save forest
An interactive story telling e-mailer to show save paper
prasanna devadiga

webby nomination - 2009, silver at IDMA - 2010

power up the windmill
Interative banner which powerup the website with mouse movement
prasanna devadiga

bronze at abby’s - 2009

yeh deewar nahin tootegi
interactive game banner
prasanna devadiga

bronze at abby’s - 2009


jiyo jee bharke
India’s Firstever - interactive video banner
prasanna devadiga

official honoree distinction of the webby awards 2008


Save the Girl Child - interactive banner
prasanna devadiga

Bronze at AAAI Awards - 2007

wide screen
A interactive scroll banner for Hair wide screen
prasanna devadiga

Bronze at AAAI Awards - 2007

Sex Compatibility
A interactive banner for AIDS awareness
Sex Compatibility

Silver at AAAI Awards - 2007